American Biomedical Group

We are engineers and creative thinkers with 30 years of experience in asset management, RFID tracking and data collection for healthcare, military and commercial organizations.

CAP Program

Our Capital Asset Performer program allows you to cap the cost of equipment repair and maintenance, eliminating multiple manufacturer contracts and delivering typical savings of 15 - 25%.

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AllTraq Program

Our AllTraq system allows you to identify and track important assets in real time. Easily see what you have, where it is and where it has been. Identify and view detailed information on each asset.

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Asset Management

Since 1986, ABGI has helped organizations manage and maintain their important assets. Our team consists of a flexible group of biomedical, electronic, RF and ISR engineers and support staff.

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Real time tracking with NASA at the bottom of the ocean.

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We created a weapons tracking and inventory system for Fort Sill.

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We help hospitals track medical equipment and surgical instruments.

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AllTraq temperature sensors monitor refrigerated units.

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We worked with 5D Robotics to create an unmanned ground vehicle.

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We help cattle ranchers locate and monitor each cow in the herd.

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Latest News

NASA NEEMO 22 Mission

We were honored to be part of the NASA NEEMO 22 Mission Read More

Dynamic Supply Ordering

We’re working with Logihedron to build a system to allow hospitals to track and automatically order new supplies.  Read More

Machine Gun Mounted Helicopter

We built an armed remote controlled tactical helicopter as a proof of concept for the US Special Operations Team.  Read More