About ABGI

American Biomedical Group, Inc. is a 30 year old privately owned technology and asset management company headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK with development facilities in Plano, TX and Fort Worth, TX.

Who We Are

ABGI is a small, flexible and diverse group of biomedical, electronic, RF and ISR engineers. Our team members have 15 advanced degrees and have been awarded 8 patents and have 6 patents pending.

We serve commercial and government facilities across the country including the United States Army and the Food and Drug Administration.

What We Do

We help organizations manage and maintain their high value assets through our two main programs:

Capital Asset Performer (CAP)

Cap the cost of medical equipment repair and maintenance and eliminate multiple manufacturer contracts. With the CAP Program, most hospitals experience 15-25% a year in savings.


Identify and track the location and utilization of important assets in real time. Easily see what you have, where it is and where it has been.

Latest News

TemperatureTraq Video System

The TemperatureTraq Video System provides automated temperature readings of individuals entering facilities.  Read More

Portable Isolation Units

ABGI is proud to serve and support the FDA, US Army, NASA and our commercial business clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.   Read More

Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show

ABGI / AllTraq project manager Jim Kelley was recently elected as an Honorary Vice President of the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show.  Read More

Some of Our Work...

Remotely monitor refrigerated units with AllTraq temperature sensors.

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Remotely monitor your gun cases and firearms.

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We help hospitals track and monitor infants and breast milk.

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