Tracking at the Denver International Airport

We were excited to work with the Denver International airport on a pilot program to track badged vendor visitors.

The 30 day AllTraq pilot allowed DIA to verify that vendors with temporary badges were properly following security and safety protocols. AllTraq helped DIA to examine the efficiency of their badging process by recording the amount of time it took vendors to get to security areas and understand how much time visitors spent in various zones.

We also provided DIA with a full 3D scan of the tracking area that included over 1 billion points of data and an as-built rendering accurate to 1/8 of an inch.

Harvester Tracking for Food Safety

We’re working with Factor IV Solutions to provide real time location tracking of harvesters, cleaning equipment and employees in the field.

The AllTraq system reports live GPS data on each harvester and can detect when RFID tags on the sanitation vehicles and cleaning equipment are close to the harvester.

The system records how long cleaning equipment and employees are in range of the harvester to verify proper cleaning procedures were met.

Lockheed NASA Habitat

The Orlando Sentinel has published on article on the Lockheed Martin deep space lunar habitat prototype.

If you look close you can see some AllTraq receivers in the habitat:

Orlando Sentinel - Look inside Lockheed Martin's finished prototype of where astronauts may live in deep space

Photo courtesy of Chabeli Herrera / Orlando Sentinal

AllTraq Pet Carrier

The AllTraq Pet Carrier was developed to keep pets safe while in transit.

AllTraq Pet Carrier Features

  • Climate control (air conditioning and heating)
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • 02 and C02 monitoring
  • In-carrier lighting
  • Video monitoring
  • Watering system
  • GPS tracking
  • Insulated double walled construction

Owners can monitor their pet and the environmental conditions from any internet connected device.

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AllTraq Gun Safety Monitoring

We are currently developing a system that will allow gun owners to remotely monitor and track their weapons.

The AllTraq system uses receivers and RFID tags to alert users when their guns are on the move or if a gun case has been opened. The system can switch to GPS location if a gun or gun case leaves the residence.

Users can monitor their guns and receive text message alerts on any internet connected phone, tablet or computer.

For more information check out the gun safety section of

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NASA Astro Materials Visit

The AllTraq team recently had a chance to visit with the NASA Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science (ARES) group at Johnson Space Center in Houston.

We had great time touring the facility and discussing a unified remote sensor network. The ARES group does an amazing job curating and researching extraterrestrial materials.

ARES lobby and signage. Lunar samples at the ARES facility.

AllTraq in the NASA Cis-Lunar Habitat

Our team had a great opportunity to test and demonstrate the AllTraq Real Time Location System for NASA in the Cis-Lunar Habitat prototype.

Cis-Lunar Prototype

AllTraq was one of six technologies utilized in a week long evaluation of various technologies for future applications in space. The Cis-Lunar habitat will be placed in orbit about the moon/earth system as a gateway to the lunar surface, and beyond for Mars missions. The week-long assessment culminated in a day-long simulation in which a crew of four surrogate astronauts executed the procedures for all of the technologies under evaluation, including AllTraq.

The crew was actively engaged in executing every step and all details of the procedure, inquiring through the Flight Director often to ensure that the steps were performed as intended. Performance of the AllTraq system was excellent throughout the week, with great support from the entire team.

Exosuit ADS and DeepWorker Minisub

ABGI CEO Jim Burgess had a chance to head out to Nuytco Research in Vancouver, BC to test out the Exosuit Atmospheric Diving Suit (ADS) and the DeepWorker minisub.

The Exosuit allows divers to operate safely at a depth of 2,000 ft. Specially designed rotary joints allow flexibility to complete complex tasks while maintaining surface cabin pressure.

The DeepWorker minisub allows operators to fly through the water with amazing maneuverability thanks to vertical and horizontal thrusters. The DeepWorker allows pilots to go deeper and spend more time below the surface.

NASA NEEMO 22 Mission

We were honored to be part of the NASA NEEMO 22 Mission tracking crew members, equipment and environmental data.

NEEMO 22 Crew

Our AllTraq Real Time Location System was used to track equipment and crew members inside the Aquarius habitat at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Key Largo. Pressure, humidity, moisture and metal make Aquarius a challenging environment for RFID tracking and AllTraq performed great in the extreme environment.

Read more about it in our NEEMO case study.

Dynamic Supply Ordering

We’re working with Logihedron to build a system to allow hospitals to track and automatically order new supplies.

Hospital staff will be able to quickly reorder supplies with the touch of a button on the supply bin or with their computer, tablet or smartphone via our web based software. The system automates the process and makes record keeping much easier.

BinTraq System

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