Portable Isolation Containment Units (P-ICU)

Portable Isolation Containment Units allow for onsite quarantine and containment of infectious disease.

ABGI is currently producing Portable Isolation Containment Units to help healthcare facilities manage the COVID-19 pandemic. The containment units are negative pressure patient rooms with UVGI, air sterilization and waste containment. Quickly increase patient capacity and provide better protection for patients and healthcare workers.

Units can be shipped pre-fabricated or as a kit for onsite assembly. Build time is 3-4 weeks.

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P-ICU Exterior

Exterior of P-ICU Portable Isolation Room

P-ICU Bathroom

P-ICU Bathroom and easy sterilizable surfaces.

Portable Isolation Room Features

  • Negative pressure patient rooms to isolate individuals infected by pandemic disease
  • UV powered by UVGI to provide 99.99% sterilization of airborne pathogens - both supply and exhaust
  • Aseptic interior designs for effectiveness and longevity in routine cleaning with aggressive sanitizing agents
  • Pre-fabricated central plant for seamless tie-in and preventative maintenance and sustainability
  • 4-ton AAON Air Handling Unit with in-line Cleanetics UV-tech Air Sterilizer
  • Medical Gas and Vacuum System
  • Pre-mounted Med-Gas/Air Cylinder Manifold
  • Water and Waste Containment System
  • Pre-wired Electrical Subpanels and Manual Disconnects
  • Pre-wired AHU Control Panel and roughed-in Tankless Water Heater
  • Standard module dimensions are 10' x 15' x 10'
  • Pre-fabricated and delivered or shipped as a kit to be assembled onsite

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