Class IV Portable Isolation System

Modular units for infectious disease containment. Integrated systems for patient, staff, equipment and environmental monitoring improve disease state management and provide better protection for patients and healthcare workers. The units are less expensive and more flexible than new construction on an existing facility and are covered by the ABGI Performance Guarantee.

3D Video Walkthrough

P-ICU Exterior

Exterior of P-ICU Portable Isolation Room

P-ICU Bathroom

P-ICU Bathroom and easy sterilizable surfaces.

Portable Isolation Room Features

  • Dual function negative / positive pressure patient room
  • 4-ton AAON Air Handling Unit with control panel
  • Air sterilization via UVGI, HEPA and electroceutical filters
  • Medical grade anti-microbial materials throughout
  • Medical gas, vacuum and ICU headboard
  • Water and waste containment system
  • Tankless water heater
  • Isolated electrical sub panels and manual disconnects
  • Powered by 20 kVA generator or locally hardwired
  • Remotely monitor patient, equipment and environment
  • Size and features can be customized

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